听老外聊聊他们的2018新年愿望 A New Year’s Resolution

2018-04-28 15:11阿卡索英语

2018 is coming, are you ready for a brand new year? Do you have a New Year’s resolution?


The end of the year is a good time to reflect on how far you’ve come during the past 12 months.  And, making a New Year’s resolution is a good way to start off the coming year with the goal of improving yourself. Unlike a birthday wish, where you hope for something wonderful to happen, New Year’s resolutions are practical things that you can do to make yourself and your life better.


So today, in order to make this New Year even more special, I am going to share the New Year’s resolutions of my friends and family with you guys. Hope you enjoy!


So, let’s start with some from my friends who want a healthier life:


@ Lance Peter

Hi, my name is Lance Peter. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m 26 years old. My New Year’s resolution is to eat more vegetarian food. Thank you.

你好,我叫Lance Peter。 我住在亚利桑那州,凤凰城。我26岁了。我的新年愿望是多吃点素菜。谢谢。

@ Kumsi

Hey, this is Kumsi. And I’m 26 years old, live in Tempe, Arizona. And my New Year’s resolution will be, to go to gym on a regular basis and eat less junk food. Thank you.


@ Kyle

Hi, my name is Kyle. I work in a lab at Arizona State University. And my New Year’s resolution is to exercise more and gain more muscle.


Ok, good luck to them and their gym and vegetarian eating plans. And here are some resolutions for social and work lives:


@ Farzaneh

Hello, my name is Farzaneh. And my resolution for New Year is to stop overthinking and be happier. Thank you.


@ Garrett

My name is Garrett. And my New Year’s resolution is to stay in touch with family more.


@ Ryan

Hi, I’m Ryan. My New Year’s resolution is to convince my boss that I actually am working hard and to go to the gym more.


@ Shaun

Hi, my name is Shaun. My New Year’s resolution is to graduate in the spring.


Great wishes, we all want those. Here are some from my household:

@ 小胡

Hi, my name is Hao. I live in Phoenix. So next year I want to lose 10 pounds and have bird legs.


@ 大卫

Ni men hao, wo shi da wei. My New Year’s resolution is to convince my wife that she is beautiful and doesn’t need bird legs.


I mean it! Her obsession with those bird legs is a mystery to me. Maybe sometime in the future we can take a vote about which legs you like more, bird legs or legs with some substance.

Ok, back to New Year’s resolutions. The next ones are my friends who want more time for fun:


@ Esther

Hi, I’m Esther. And my New Year’s resolution is to start playing the cello more.


@ Sharanya

Hi, this is Sharanya. My New Year’s resolution is to set aside more time for my hobbies this year.


@ Jenny

Hello, my name is Jenny. And my New Year’s resolution is to play more board games.


@ Cory

Good day, dear listeners. My name is Cory and my New Year’s resolution is to visit China.


I want to play more board games too! And I hope Cory’s China plans work out.  Everyone should see China at least once in their life.

At last, here are some from my lovely sisters:

@ Rebekah

Hi, my name is Rebekah. And my New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to learn some fancy recipes and cook more at home.


@ Julia Menn

My name is Julia Menn. I am from the states, but I am currently living in New Zealand. Every year I pick a word to infuse into my everyday living. Words such as truth, courage and affirm. My word for 2017 is ‘balance’.

我叫Julia Menn。我来自美国,但是我现在住在新西兰。每一年我都会选一个关键词来引导这一年的生活,比如真理,勇气,和果断。我2017年的关键词是‘平衡’。

I have a great family and I’m proud of them.

Of course, another new year’s resolution of mine is, I hope more people can find and follow us to help us moving forward, so we can keep bringing you the best English learning materials possible!

Happy New Year to you all!